13 Things Golden Retrievers Love

Owning a Golden retriever can be very rewarding, with their low temperament, and a great attitude towards humans. It is really easy to fall in love with the new family dog, but what about finding things that your dog loves to do also.

Your golden retriever can live 10-12 years, and you want all 15 of those years to be the best in both of your lives.

Some of the things that Golden retrievers love are:

  • Water
  • Playing
  • Music
  • Traveling
  • Chewing
  • Grooming
  • Showing off
  • Training
  • Community Service
  • And of course, eating

Golden retrievers are great family dogs, and it is actually really easy to care for one. They are one of the easiest breeds to care for, and the most loving. To save you countless hours of online research and youtube diving. I have compiled a list of 13 things golden retrievers love.

Getting to know your dog

Having a family dog is a huge responsibility, and even with all of the videos out there to watch, you can never really know if you are doing your dog a justice. Each dog breed is different, and they like some similar things, as well as breed-specific items that are on every dog’s list.

Armed with this list, you can tackle any situation with your golden retriever and develop a long-standing positive friendship with your dog.

However, your dog is its own canine, meaning that all dogs have their own personalities, and knowing your dog really helps a lot in knowing what they love.

1. Golden Retrievers love to……well…. retrieve!

They will always enjoy a good game of fetch in the yard. Golden retrievers are a low-intensity exercise dog, so a few good throws for about 40-60 minutes a day, should suffice.  Training your golden retriever to grab the paper is not only beneficial for you, but the retriever likes it too.

A Tired Dog is a happy dog, and retrievers are no different. If your retriever is a puppy, you want to play with them on grass until they are about two years old. This can limit some of the joint and bone disorders when they get older.

Golden retrievers have soft jaws, so they don’t really like to pick things up that are hard, or that can be tough to grip. Things made of hard plastic may make your golden retriever uncomfortable.

A Good rubber training stick is always a fun fetch toy for your golden retriever, or a plush one is even better. They like the softer materials, so grabbing a good dog throw for training them is always recommended.

2. Water

Golden Retrievers love water. Taking your golden retriever out for an afternoon swim in the lake, or slow-moving river would be an enjoyable time for your dog. Have a doggy pool party, and a game of catch with you and your retriever would be most enjoyable.

Some fun things to do in the water:

  • Water fetch
  • Catch and swim
  • Swim race
  • Come to me (Marco Doggo)

Marco doggo is one of my favorites, and the dog loves it too. It’s a one-sided game because they always know where you are.  There is something about trying to find your dog in the pool “blind” that just makes for tons of laughs.

Catch and swim is kind of fun, but you need at least two people for that. It is a game of keep away from your golden retriever, but you must let them get the ball sometimes, or they get bored.

3. Music

Chances are your golden retriever will love music. Most golden retrievers love some good classical tunes to sleep too. Your golden will love any music that you like unless it is hard on the ears, you know the heavy metal tunes may be a little too rough.

Some good soft rock or classical music during a sleep session can calm and relax your golden retriever. They may really like some classical Mozart or Beethoven.

The Icalm dog speaker on Amazon and my golden retriever love it, 5 hours of nonstop good old dog music. They have a lot of different sound cards, but the calming one is by far the most relaxing.

Finding out what your golden retriever likes can be challenging, but they are very communicative breeds, so they will tell you what they like with their actions. Mine will leave the room if I put on a station he doesn’t like.

4. Food

This next one is no joke; your golden retriever loves food. I’m not talking about normal feeding. They really love to eat.

It is highly recommended that you put your golden retriever on a portion-controlled feeding schedule, rather than leaving a food bowl down for too.

Portion controlling their food is easy, depending on what you feed them, measure the daily food, and one serving in the morning and another at night. Watching their weight is important as it can lead to a whole bunch of health problems down the line.

Being overweight will add more weight to their already weak hip and elbow joints, speeding up dysplasia.  An overweight pooch can also develop congestive heart failure.

Since Golden retrievers are more prone to cancer and other diseases than other breeds of similar size, a good diet is crucial to get the whole 12+ years out of their life.

Giving extra snacks can be tempting, but is not recommended for any dog, especially golden retrievers. Those table scraps, or an extra piece of cheese every once in a while, will help your pooch pack on the pounds.  A healthy dog is a happy dog and a happy owner with lower vet bills.

5. Baths

Golden retrievers love a good grooming session. Your pup is sure to want to run and play after a good bath.

Golden retrievers shed a lot and have a double coat, so finding the right shampoo can be challenging, but your dog will love it.  Look for bottles that say medium coat; some will even list breeds on the bottle.

Some of the things your dog may like for a grooming session:  

  • Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Flea treatment
  • Blow-dry low-heat
  • Towel dry
  • Brushing
  • Face wash
  • Of course, some after bath Treats.

Just get ready for them to run through the house like it’s on fire, or to do those little cute tailspins.  They will also do the infamous retriever roll in the grass within 30 seconds after they go outside post-bath.

Golden retrievers need their ears cleaned regularly and do enjoy it. You can pick up some inexpensive ear cleaner on Amazon. Using the wipes is really easy to do, and then letting your groomer do the deep clean for the ears.

6. Being your Road Dog

Running errands this afternoon? Take your golden retriever with you. Golden retrievers are highly social animals and love to be around their humans, 24/7. This is definitely a travel breed. These are sporting dogs, too, so they love to travel.

Running a few short errands with your pooch is a good way to bond with them, spend some time with your dog flapping his gums in the wind and you driving. Golden retrievers love the great outdoors and love new scents.

The golden retriever enjoys being with his family and should be more of an inside dog, rather than an outside dog. They do well around others and don’t really like to be left alone for extended periods of time.

Your golden retriever likes to experience everything you are experiencing, so take them with you. Going to the grocery store, maybe not, but going to gas up the car, pick up the kids from practice, they are your road dog.

7. Socializing

Social calls are something that your golden retriever won’t be able to get enough of. Golden retrievers love company, a good trip to the dog park, starting a game of frisbee can make your retrievers day.

They love to play with other dogs and socialize. They love the company, and wouldn’t mind most cats, they are not aggressive dogs, but they are hunting dogs.

They do like to play with other dogs but should be watched around smaller breeds, simply because of their larger size.

Sometimes a good snuggle on the couch is all your golden retriever wants. It can be a good movie or even binge-watch something on your favorite streaming service. Golden retrievers just love to be around people.

Watching a movie with other animals in it can be a fun time with your golden retriever. As soon as mine hears a dog bark on the tv, he starts barking and growling back. It is a little funny at times.

8. Community Service

Your Golden retriever loves community service. Golden retrievers are easily trainable and make great service dogs. Golden retrievers are great with kids, and wonderful seeing-eye dogs, as well as rescue dogs.

Golden retrievers often assist police, firefighters, and coast guards in search and rescue missions. They can easily find people in earthquake rubbish, or swim to a drowning person with a life jacket.

Golden retrievers help people in all sorts of situations, and because they are highly intelligent and easily trainable, they make the perfect service dog.

Emotional support dogs are a specialty of the golden retriever. Their kind, friendly, and ever-loving temperament sets them up for the presidents club in community support.

Most service dogs in service are golden retrievers or labrador retrievers. They enjoy helping others. It is in their nature to be helpful and listen very well.

Golden retrievers are great with kids and make a wonderful family pet. Their big size is a hurdle that most pet parents have trouble with. It is not recommended to have a golden retriever with children under the age of 7.

9. Scratch and Sniff

Golden retrievers have a relatively low wanderlust rating, which means that they love to sniff things out. If something catches their nose, they will have no problem leaving you behind to go find it.

Keep an eye on them, and call them back to you if they get too far. They will listen most of the time. Keeping them on a leash and a tie-down stake when out in the field, is a good way to teach them not to wander off.

Some things that your golden retriever might sniff out are:

  • Birds that have visited your yard
  • Rabbits
  • Squirrels
  • Other dogs
  • Cats
  • Gophers
  • Field mice

The golden retriever is a hound dog, and although they can be easily trained, they love a good sniff and chase. They are not much for chasing down prey, but they are really good at sniffing it out. So they can easily get themselves lost chasing a sniff another animal left behind.

10. Play Time

Golden retrievers love playtime, and they are nippers. Golden retrievers love to use their mouth to grab things, so fetch is always a fun game, but they do love a good plush toy. Golden retrievers have a high intellect, so anything that can challenge their intellect is good.

The plush toys that are really soft, like a duck or another game, is the best choice for your golden retriever. They will have fun for hours, tossing that toy up in the air and chasing it themselves.  They tend to love squeaky toys more than the non-squeaky plush toys.

Golden retrievers enjoy a good game of tug ‘O’ War with a rope or braid that is softer. You can get an old Tee Shirt and tie it up at the ends, to make a good homemade rope.  Golden retrievers don’t really like hard toys but do like hard chews.

Golden retrievers enjoy playing with other people more than they do alone. They are really good with children but can be a little clumsy, so they do need to be watched around small children. They can get a little rowdy and easily knock a small child down.

11. Chewing

Golden retrievers love a good retriever roll. They like to chew on them, and they like to fetch and chase them. These are good to clean their gums and get tarter off of their teeth. Rawhide chews also strengthen their jaws and save your leather shoes.

The retriever rolls are not the only rawhide available to your golden retriever. You can also get them some deer antlers, or pig ears to chew on.

They really do like to chew on anything. If you have a puppy golden retriever, some good old leather toys are a good teething toy for them.

Stick to the USA manufactured Rawhide as opposed to Rawhide, which is a label with things like “American” Rawhide. You want to make sure that the Rawhide chews that you are giving your dog are free of any contaminants that could make them ill.

You also want to make sure that you choose the correct size for your pup too. If you pick a chew that is too small, they can easily break, and your pup can choke on a loose piece.

If you pick one that is too big, it may be hard for them to chew it.  The retriever rolls are usually about the correct size for a full-grown retriever.

12. Getting pets

Your golden retriever loves to get love from you. They are extremely affectionate animals and enjoy a good petting all the time from their owners.  They are loyal, friendly, and playful companions that will likely not leave you alone for too long.

Golden retrievers love to be pampered and right up next to you when your sitting down or watching a movie. They will most likely want your every attentive minute focused on them. They are wonderful dogs, and after being properly trained, this awesome trait will calm down a bit.

Golden retrievers are known for their compassion and friendliness. They make horrible guard dogs, they will bark and growl, but most will not attack an intruder.

They will bark and growl to warn them away, but since the golden retriever is really friendly, they will most likely just want to be petted if a burglar enters your domain.

Golden retrievers are extremely intelligent dogs and make for some good house companions. They can be trained to get ahold of a medical response team in an emergency, and because of their gentle nature. Having a golden retriever as an elderly person can be beneficial if something happens, like a fall.

13. Training

Golden retrievers love to do tasks and train. A golden retriever knows no bounds when it comes to being productive. They will work until they drop if you let them. Monitoring their overall fatigue level is crucial for them to make it any good amount of time outdoors.

Some things Golden retrievers like to do outside or in training:

  • Dock jumping
  • Barrel Racing
  • Dog Agility course
  • Fetch and return
  • Showman ship training

The golden retriever is the most popular dog in dog shows across the world. They are athletes and easy to train. They enjoy making their owners happy and will never pass up an opportunity to socialize with their human counter-part.

Learning new tricks is something the Golden retriever is really good at. Just make sure you have some tasty snacks to reward them when they do a great job. Your golden retriever will respond positively to praise and rewards.

13 Things Golden Retrievers Love

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