18 Best Golden Retriever Accessories

Golden retrievers are known as delightful, beautiful, reliable, friendly dogs. They rank fifth as one of the most popular breeds worldwide.

Their signature long shiny coats add a majestic flair to their powerful, smooth movements, and there is no mistaking their unique features.

As a pet owner, you know that there are basic needs for every dog. In addition to the basics, what are the best golden retriever accessories that will contribute to a happy and healthy dog? We have researched a list of 18 accessories that are not only practical but fun.

The list includes five basic areas:

  • Grooming
  • Feeding
  • Training
  • Entertainment
  • Health

Whether you have a new puppy or an adult dog, these accessories will benefit both you and your golden retriever.

From crates to harnesses, manufacturers of these products have thought carefully about the needs of your dog. We have broken the list down to five basic areas:


Although your golden retriever may have a beautiful shiny coat, it requires constant care to keep it that way. They must be bathed and groomed frequently to maintain their healthy skin and coat. Here are three grooming accessories to help you accomplish that task.

Pet Grooming Brush

This grooming brush is said to effectively reduce shedding by up to 95%. It removes dead hair and tangles from your dog in as little as 10 minutes. The 100 mm stainless steel blade is protected by a cover for the longevity of the blade and your safety.

The ergonomically designed handle makes the brush sturdy and easy to grip. It is a safe and precise grooming tool that causes no discomfort to your pet.

What a great way to save time and money on visits to the vet for grooming, and to keep your furniture and floors free of pesky pet hair.

FURminator for Dogs Undercoat DeShedding Tool

Golden retrievers are known for their double coats. They grow an undercoat in the winter to protect them from the cold, and as the weather gets warmer, the undercoat sheds.

The FURminator is designed for dogs that weigh more than 50 pounds and reach through the topcoat to remove the undercoat easily and safely.

Be sure to read the instructions carefully before using the DeShedding tool. Removing undercoat hair is not the same as brushing or combing your golden retriever’s topcoat.

This tool enables you to remove loose hair without cutting your dog’s skin or damaging the topcoat.

Elevated Booster Bath

The elevated booster bath is recommended by veterinarians, breeders, and handlers worldwide. It elevates and contains your dog with 360-degree access for easy bathing and drying.

It has a 3-point restraint system with a quick snap removable collar that keeps your dog facing forward and prevents it from moving around and jumping out.

Portable and lightweight, the booster bath can be used indoors or outdoors. Additional features include:

  • Rubberized non-slip mat to keep your dog from slipping and sliding.
  • Rubber bumpers on the bottom of the feet to keep the tub still when the dog is entering and exiting.
  • Drain hose that enables you to direct drainage so you can stay dry.


A nutritious diet is essential for your golden retriever to have an improved immune system. Some people think a bowl is a bowl, but the right type of bowl or drinking container will make your dog’s dining experience much more pleasurable!

IRIS USA Elevated Feeder with Airtight Storage

This elevated feeder helps reduce neck muscle strain and improves your dog’s digestion. The snap-lock latches and airtight seals keep pests out and food fresh.

Stainless-steel material is healthier because it is non-porous, rust-resistant and discourages bacteria. The IRIS USA includes two bowls that are removable for easy cleaning.

When selecting an elevated bowl, height is the main thing to consider. To determine the correct height for your dog, measure from the floor up to the dog’s shoulder while he is standing straight with feet directly under him. Then subtract 6” for a larger dog and 3” for a smaller dog.

Friends Forever Collapsible Dog Bowls

This 2-pack collapsible water and food set for dogs are designed for small to large-sized dogs. It is portable and lightweight and great for hiking, camping, or backpacking.

Durable nylon construction gives this set added longevity. A waterproof liner makes it easy for dogs to drink on the run.

The set includes one small 24-ounce bowl and one larger 48-ounce bowl that fold flat and are easy to pack. They can be tucked into a purse, pocket, or backpack. Bowls are easy to clean and dry quickly.

QQPETS Dog Water Bottle for Walking

QQPETS portable water travel bottle is made of BPA free high-quality food-grade plastic. Antibacterial and leakproof, it allows you to fill through with water and return any unused portion back into the bottle. The dispenser is designed with a silica gel seal ring that helps prevent water leakage.

QQPETS water bottle size is 8.19 inches in height and 2.95 inches in width, making it convenient to carry. Put it in a backpack or use the sling rope to carry it around your wrist. The bottle holds a maximum of 12 fluid ounces.


A well-behaved dog is a pleasure to be around. Golden retrievers are known for their friendly and easygoing nature, but they can also become eager to jump around and chase moving objects or other animals like squirrels, cats, and birds.  These accessories will help make the training process go much smoother.

WINSEE Dog Harness

WINSEE no-pull harness has an adjustable, reflective outdoor vest with front/back leash clips for medium, large, and extra-large dogs. Two metal D rings for leash attachment prevent pulling in the front and enable relaxed walking in the back.

These rings are reinforced, so the harness is not easily ripped by heavy pulling. A handle on the back helps you better assist your dog and gives you better control.

To determine your dog’s chest girth, measure the broadest part of the chest. The slide adjusters can be used to customize fit at the chest and neck.

If it seems like your dog can fit two sizes, choose the larger size. Keep the harness out of the dog’s reach when it’s not in use, and do not leave the dog unattended while it is on, as dogs tend to chew on it.

AmazonBasics Single Door & Double Door Folding Metal Dog Crate

Although golden retrievers love companionship, crate training will help keep them safe, especially as puppies. This crate can be used for puppies as well as adult dogs.

It has convenient front and side entry with two slide-bolt latches on each door for safety and security.  Sturdy metal construction folds flat and makes for easy storage and portability.

Use the crate for house training, potty training, or simply a resting place for your golden retriever. The double doors provide easier access for your dog and makes cleaning and arranging to bed easier for you.

Metal wire construction provides optimal visibility and ventilation. A divider panel is included to decrease the size of growing puppies.

Mighty Paw Tinkle Bells

Ready to potty train your pooch? It doesn’t have to be an unpleasant task. Instead of listening to whining, scratching and barking, use these solidly constructed bells to train your dog. The large thick-walled jingle bells made of an optimal blend of metals offer a much better sound than cheap plastic.

Mighty Paw tinkle bells come in four stylish fabric patterns. A secret 3-step training formula that is effective for dogs of all ages is included when you purchase these bells. Also included as a bonus gift is a free wall hook.


Golden retrievers LOVE to play!  Give them an interesting toy to chew on, and they will be content. They are stimulated by activities like swimming, hunting, hiking, and dock diving. These toys provide entertainment, but they also provide other benefits to your pet.

SmartPetLove Snuggle Puppy

Although this is a toy, it is a great behavioral aid for your golden retriever. It provides comfort, especially during crate training.

If your dog is squeamish during thunderstorms or just getting accustomed to a new home, the snuggle puppy can help provide a feeling of comfort by recreating a pulsing heartbeat and physical warmth.

This is a great way to decrease negative behavior like barking and whining and reduce separation anxiety. Puppies are often known to whine throughout the night until they become accustomed to their new environment. The heartbeat and heat pack are designed to appeal to the puppy’s natural instinct.

Aipper Dog Puppy Toys 12 Pack

Twelve toys in one package that will entertain your golden retriever for hours, these toys are great for small or medium dogs.

The package includes:

  • IQ treat ball
  • flyer dog toy ropes toys
  • chew toys
  • 4-inch bounce rubber balls that can float on water
  • squeaky toys
  • shoe toys

Colors are appealing to your dog’s eye, and toys are non-toxic. However, you should always clean and inspect toys after use and remove any that may be damaged to ensure your dog’s safety.

While your golden retriever is happily playing with these toys, he will also get the benefit of gum massage, teeth cleaning, and stress relief.

Chew King Fetch Balls

These balls will provide endless fetching fun for your golden retriever. Made of natural rubber, there is also a hole where you can tuck away a special treat for your dog. Balls are durable and stand up to tough chews.

Chew King balls are made with vibrant colors that are easy to spot and have extreme bounce and distance. Odor-free construction means no chemical smell and safety air vents keep your dog’s tongue from getting stuck while searching for treats inside.


Golden retrievers are prone to a number of health issues like allergies, skin problems, hypothyroidism, hip dysplasia, eye problems, and heart disease.

Proper care and annual vet visits may help prevent some of these, but some are inherited conditions. Here are a few accessories that will help you properly care for your golden retriever.

RC Pet Products Pet First Aid Kit

Golden retrievers are high energy, and it is easy for them to hurt themselves while at home or out and about. It is always good to be prepared.

This kit can help reduce your pet’s suffering and enable you to care for your dog’s injury until you can get to the veterinarian. It is great for your home, car and traveling.

The Pet First Aid kit includes:

  • 3 Gauze Rolls, 4 Square Gauze Pads and 4 Rectangle Gauze Pads
  • 1 Elastic Bandage, 2 Patch Adhesives, and 1 Triangle Bandage
  • 1 Paid of Exam Gloves
  • 1 First Aid Tape and 2 Wooden Tongue Depressors
  • 1 Tweezers and 1 Scissor
  • 1 Cold Pack and 1 Emergency Blanket
  • 1 Saline Solution and 8 Antiseptic Wipes

Supplies and instructions are organized into clear vinyl pockets for easy access. A first aid manual is also included with instructions on how to properly care for your pet when injured.

The manual covers choking, bleeding and wound care, checking vital signs, broken bones, burns, poisoning, and more.

Outward Hound Granby Splash Dog Life Jacket

Golden retrievers are natural swimmers. They are bred to retrieve fowls and ducks and instinctively enjoy the water. But that doesn’t mean they don’t need extra safety when they are going to be in the water.

This life jacket is a high-performance dog flotation device for water sport adventures, boating, and other water activities.

It provides an easy way to retrieve your dog in case of an emergency. Chest straps and belly buckles fit securely on any size dog. The orange color and reflective piping is a good way for you to keep sight of your pooch.

PetSafe Solvit Mr. Herzher’s Smart Ramp

This ramp is especially good for dogs with arthritis, joint, and mobility issues. Golden retrievers are known for hip dysplasia, which often leads to inflammation and degeneration of the joints.

The smart ramp is lightweight (16 pounds) and provides high traction, textured surface to help prevent slips when going up and down. There are also raised rails on both sides to make your dog feel more secure.

Tread material used on this ramp is the same material used for indoor and outdoor pedestrian safety. The Smart ramp extends from 42 inches to 70 inches enabling access to different heights. Rounded corners and smooth surfaces protect the dog, people, and car surfaces.

Fun and Unusual Accessories for Your Golden Retriever

Golden retrievers are known for their playful ways, and they are always ready to join in the fun. Their reputation for being eager to please means you may be able to try out some of these fun and unusual accessories.

CPPSLEE Halloween Lion Mane Wig Costume

What can be more fun than allowing your dog to join in the Halloween festivities or dress up for a costume party?

This Lion King mane wig will blend right in with your golden retriever’s thick coat. The mane comes with two ears that really make the look authentic. Of course, the look is not complete without the tail – which you get as a free bonus when you purchase the costume.

Idepet Cotton Adidog Large Dog Clothes

Your dog will fit right in the sports scene with this fashionable hoodie. This is great for a run or brisk walk in cool weather.

The soft cotton material will keep your dog warm and comfortable. Available colors are red, black, gray, and yellow, and sizes range from 3XL to 9XL.

When selecting a size, be sure to leave room for your dog to breathe, but don’t buy it too loose, otherwise, it will be sagging and uncomfortable.

QUMY Dog Boots Waterproof Shoes for Large Dogs

How about trying these on for size? Booties. Made for larger dogs like your golden retriever, these dog shoes have a tough, anti-slip sole that provides traction and stability.

You may think a dog’s paws are meant to be on the ground, but they can also use protection from hot pavement and things like thorns.

The boots are easy to put on and take off. They have a wide split seam with two adjustable Velcro straps to ensure a good fit.

The straps are reflective of your dog’s safety at night. High-quality material is sewn together for a rugged sole that is ready for the next adventure.

Accessories Can Enhance Your Dog’s Environment

Overall, golden retrievers are sociable and easygoing dogs. These accessories are extra added bonuses that can help improve your dog’s happiness and health.

Not only are there accessories for your dog, but you, too, like a golden retriever lover, can purchase accessories like t-shirts, mugs, stuffed animals, and jewelry that will let everyone know how proud you are of your pet.

You can find much more fun and interesting accessories for your golden retriever from raincoats to booties, even hoodies!

There is a wide selection to choose from. Be sure to do the research on your golden retriever’s needs so you can make the best choice.

18 Best Golden Retriever Accessories

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