19 Reasons To Get A Golden Retriever

There are many reasons to adopt a golden retriever. Some people are very staunch supporters and believe goldens are just a superior dog breed.

There are many different attributes that make them one of the most balanced and well-rounded dog breeds.

There are plenty of reasons to get a golden retriever. Here are 19 of them:

  1. They are very friendly
  2. They are fairly quiet
  3. They like making their owners happy
  4. Great with children
  5. Loving and sweet
  6. They get along with your other pets
  7. Amazing sense of smell
  8. They work hard
  9. Very adaptable
  10. Playful
  11. Athletic dogs
  12. Strong
  13. Great hunting dogs
  14. They have lots of energy
  15. They love swimming
  16. Their coats are beautiful
  17. They have noble stature
  18. They live for a long time
  19. They’re very obedient

There’s a reason you have probably seen these dogs everywhere, and their status is world-renowned for being the best family dog.

The well-balanced nature of these dogs makes them a perfect choice in nearly every situation whether it be for families, athletics, hunting, or swimming.

19 Reasons to Get a Golden Retriever

There are reasons you see lots of goldens being walked around the neighborhood. Their popularity is directly tied to them having so many wonderful traits.

1. They are Very Friendly

If you’re looking for an extremely friendly dog to welcome into your family, then a golden retriever is one of the best dogs you can bring to your home. Just about everyone that has been around a golden has fallen in love with them

They aren’t very protective and guarded, which makes them great for kids because they can get up close without having a fear of being snapped at.

It is very rare for a golden to get mad because of their easy-going nature, which is something many dog enthusiasts have come to appreciate.

In addition to all of this, a golden’s desire to have a purpose and beloved will make them ready to please all members of the family and make their owners happy. make their owners happy.

2. They Are Fairly Quiet

A golden retriever is not a small dog, and it is not very often that you can find a large-sized dog that has the ability to be calm and collected.

This also means they’re easier to train than most breeds. You will find that they can learn very basic levels of obedience with ease and they will soon learn advanced levels.

Unfortunately, because they’re so quiet, gentle, and friendly, they make very bad guard dogs. The lovable and calm nature still makes the golden retriever one of the most popular dogs in the United States.

3. They Enjoy Making Their Owners Happy

There are a lot of dogs that will romp around clumsily, make a big mess and hardly seem to notice their owner’s displeasure.

Other dogs will take a lot of your attention as they are always clinging to you; this can sap your energy and time. The golden retriever does none of this.

These dogs are so intelligent that they are in tune with their owner’s emotions, only looking for ways to make them happy. When goldens succeed at this, they become even happier, too.

You may have noticed that dogs are always looking at your face. This is because they’re figuring out your emotions, and the face can often tell them this. They can also sense certain, angry, happy, or tense energies exhibited by their owners as many humans can as well.

golden retrievers try their best to have you always appreciating their presence to where you are almost always happier when they’re around you as opposed to not.

When given the proper training, they will follow through with your commands with much enthusiasm, and they will always be there for you.

4. They Are Great with Children

While just about all kids love dogs, not all dogs can love children as easily. Some dogs don’t like to be touched excessively or have people up close to them.

This does not describe the golden retrievers. These dogs are extremely friendly to people and especially children.

You won’t have to worry about leaving your children unattended with one of these dogs because they are very gentle to them.

The intelligence of the golden also means that they know how to look over and even save kids and newborns from catastrophe.

You may have seen some viral videos of owners acting like they are drowning, and the golden jumps in and drag them out by the arm.

5. Goldens have a Loving and Sweet Nature

All golden retrievers have this special love that they show to their owners. If you’re looking for a dog that will come up to you after a long day of work or any other occasion, then this is the dog for you.

The enthusiasm that goldens share with you at every available opportunity is rarely shown from other dogs. When you’re happy, your golden will play their own part and help you celebrate by matching your energy and emotions. If you’re feeling down, then they will also be there to give you comfort.

6. They Get Along with Your Other Pets

Whenever you bring a new pet into your home, there’s no telling what will happen between your old and new pets.

Fortunately, golden retrievers, with their gentle and intelligent nature are very adept at warming up to other pets. This means they are friendly to many small animals such as cats as well as those that are their size.

The calm and collected nature ensures that no petty “furry fights” ever break out in your home. There are also many cases where these dogs will look out for and protect other pets of yours as part of the family.

7. Goldens Have an Amazing Sense of Smell

Not only are these dogs playful and intelligent, but they have one of the best senses of smell. Even though this doesn’t mean much in households, it makes these dogs great at airports, seaports, and border crossings.

While your pet isn’t likely to use that sense of smell to track down criminals or crack open drug cases, this finely-tuned sense will help if your dog ever runs off and needs to find its way home. To sharpen this sense of smell with a golden, you can do some training. And goldens are so smart, they’ll learn how to pick up and follow their own scent in no time.

8. Goldens Are Hard Workers

For an extremely long time, dogs have been man’s best friend. This is because dogs provided company and security for their owners. They worked very hard to earn their place among mankind.

golden retrievers are one of the hardest working dogs among an already hardworking species. This work ethic greatly enables them to excel in tracking, hunting, search and rescue, and narcotic detection. Whatever you assign a golden to, you can be sure that they will give it they are all.

9. They Are Adaptable

Do you want a dog that can easily adapt to any situation you throw at it? If you’re in a hot or cold environment, the golden will do just fine.

Do you want to take them on a road trip or with you to work? It’s no problem. golden retrievers aren’t fussy dogs; they will be more than satisfied to go on a trip or stay indoors.

This unique ability to adapt is one that makes the golden rise above many other dog breeds. Many other dogs have to have special circumstances set for them because they are so fussy, but not the golden retriever.

10. Goldens Are Playful

Golden retrievers have a very energetic, radiant, and playful energy around them. This makes them especially good for kids because they love to run, exercise, and play around in the yard.

These dogs are extremely intelligent, so they can learn new games and tricks that you want to teach them. They may even know certain things intuitively without having to be taught.

If you get bored of playing games with your golden on land, then you can start having fun with them in the water because they are very adventurous dogs and love getting in the water.

11. The Athletic Nature of Golden Retrievers

When traveling with goldens or doing a physical activity you don’t have to worry about them not keeping up with your pace. These are sporty breeds as well as large; they simply love exercising.

In past times these dogs were bred to hunt; you cannot expect to have a golden retriever that lives a sedentary lifestyle.

The canines need at least one hour of good exercise per day. If you’re an athlete that likes having a companion with them then these are the perfect dogs for that.

12. Goldens Are Strong

If you have ever had a golden jump up on you or have wrestled with the one you will notice how powerful they are.

They have been used a lot for working under tough conditions, and the body has a lot of muscle with very well-coordinated hindquarters, which allows them to have incredible agility.

The legs are very well-muscled and broad to make a solid base that gives these dogs a durable gait. The moderately sized neck collided with muscular shoulders as well as a strong back, which can be visibly seen.

golden retrievers have very well-rounded and balanced bodies which help rank them as one of the world’s most popular hunting breeds

13. Great Hunting Dogs

All you have to do is look at the physiques of these dogs to know that they are great hunters. Not only do they have a strong gait, but they possess a strong sense of smell and eager-to-please personality that gets them fired up to go hunting.

These dogs don’t have clumsy walks because they don’t have long skinny legs. The hindquarters are very broad, and they have strong muscles that allow them to chase effectively.

It’s not hard to see this breeds past history and not believe they have incredible hunting capabilities

14. They Have Lots of Energy

You will rarely see a tired golden retriever, and when you do, it is only for a short period of time. they have incredible endurance that has been used since their breed was developed.

Spending long days outdoors used to be their life, they would engage in strenuous activities that used their stamina and physical effort.

This may sound torturous to you, but goldens love using their energy from activities and work because if they don’t use their energy, they may end up tearing the house apart.

Remember that these dogs are meant for the outdoors, and indoor living may cause some problems if they’re cooped up too often.

Will you be able to keep up with the stamina and exercise needs that these dogs possess? This has to be heavily considered before you decide to own this dog.

15. They Love Swimming

It isn’t often that you find a dog that absolutely loves to be in the water. They can even be specially trained to help people that work in or near water. Jobs like retrieving waterfowl can easily be done by goldens.

If you aren’t a fan of always going on walks or taking hikes and prefer swimming, then this could be your perfect swimming buddy. goldens love water and will usually find any excuse to jump in a refresh themselves.

The thick coat that these dogs have, keep them nice and warm while they’re swimming so they could be out on the water for a long time.

16. Their Coats Are Beautiful

It’s safe to say that most people want their pets to be cute and fluffy – and the dazzling coats that goldens have are one of their most iconic features.

Many would probably prefer to get a golden retriever for its look alone even if it didn’t have all these fantastic traits.

These lustrous coats come in many different blends of gold, and it is very easy to maintain these through lots of grooming. While being a great companion these coats are sure to complement the beauty of your home.

Fair warning: the thick, soft undercoat of a golden retriever means you’re in for a lot of shedding. But a good, regular brushing helps to combat this. And, because your golden loves spending time with you, you’re both likely to enjoy these brushing sessions!

17. They Have Noble Stature

A lot of dog owners love the attention they get when they show off their dog, and these people would love to know that golden retrievers often turn-heads.

The noble stature that they possess is very easy to notice, and they will stand out from other breeds.

Goldens can reach heights of up to 24 inches, whereas the females will reach around 23 inches, this tall height will also cause your dog to stand out among other large dogs as well as smaller pugs and poodles.

18. They Live for a Long Time

Most people prefer their pets to live for quite a long time. A loved dog becomes a prized member of the family, after all. Since golden retrievers stay pretty healthy, with proper care and attention, they can live for up to 10-12 years.

This will ensure that you can have plenty of time to have memorable moments with your dog, and you may even be able to get some golden puppies in that time to keep the breed alive in your home.

19. They’re Very Obedient

Excluding the very young and hyper, golden retrievers are often very obedient, and they will learn quickly while still wanting to please their owner. This is very fortunate because of their strength and size; if they were disobedient, they’d be a handful.

As with all dogs, it is important to train them nice and early to respond to your commands. goldens have very good temperaments and are very smart, so this shouldn’t be a problem.

Consider using your dog’s own initiative rather than trying always to force them to obey you. For example, try letting your older goldens wander when they are at an isolated beach or an empty park.

They won’t disturb others, and they can wander freely, the extreme loyalty and obedience will make sure that they come back to you. This shouldn’t be tried with dogs that are too young because they might not be able to find their way back.

Bringing Home, a Golden Retriever

This is just the start of the benefits you’ll reap by welcoming a golden retriever into your family. Having a loving, attentive dog brings joy to any household.

If you fit the profile as someone who is active and loves the outdoors, then this may be the dog for you. If you enjoy cozy nights inside, a golden is still the pet for you. You really can’t lose with these affectionate and gentle creatures.

If your family is ready to commit to a dog, there is no better dog than a golden. They will protect your family and keep everybody happy.

19 Reasons To Get A Golden Retriever

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