Best 44 Gifts for Golden Retriever Lovers

If any dog were the type to give gifts, it would be a golden retriever. This energetic, intelligent, loyal breed would do anything for their beloved owners, and they would be over the moon to learn you were looking for the perfect present for them too!

The 44 best gifts for golden retriever lovers include items from the following categories:

  • Fun and Games
  • Apparel with Golden Retriever Images
  • Useful Kitchen and Household Items
  • Décor with Golden Retriever Motif
  • Personalized Gifts
  • Books about the Breed
  • Kids’ Story Books

By the time you make it through the detailed list of the best 44 gifts for golden retriever lovers, there’s absolutely no doubt you will find exactly what you’re looking for. So – sit, stay, and read.

Fun and Games

Golden retrievers are fun-loving dogs that can’t get enough playtime. If the same is true for their owner, then the golden lover in your life is sure to enjoy something they can have a good time with.

1. Golden-Opoly

A twist on the classic board game, Golden-Opoly has everything you need for family game night! You have the option to play a fully loaded game that takes most of the night (and may lead to board flipping) or partakes in the simpler, one-hour version.

Any golden retriever fan is sure to have a ton of friends, so it’s good that this game is all set up for anywhere from 2-6 players. You just can’t go wrong here.

2. Golden Retriever Nanoblock

Putting things together is a great stress reliever for a lot of people. Whether they are young or old, they are sure to love this nanoblock golden retriever building kit. It includes 140 blocks to bring an adorable replica of their best furry friend to life piece by piece.

3. Golden Retriever Jigsaw Puzzles

Speaking of pieces, who doesn’t enjoy a nice relaxing jigsaw puzzle?

If the golden retriever lover in your life likes to sit down and puzzle things out, they’ll absolutely love this 1,000-piece puzzle featuring a family of their favorite breed. And for something a little less challenging and much artsier, you can go with this 300-piece puzzle that imbues the colorful spirit of these energetic pups.

There is even this great option for any kids you know that can’t get enough of their golden retriever. This 100-piece puzzle featuring a bunch of adorable puppies in a wagon is sure to keep them entertained.

4. Golden Retriever Stuffed Animals

Nothing could beat a real-life golden retriever on the soft and cuddly scale, but these huggable friends come pretty close. There are all sorts of stuffed animals crafted after this snuggly breed, so you won’t have a problem finding one.

Here are a few great choices to get you started:

5. Golden Retriever Coloring Books

Coloring is a long-favored pastime by adults and children alike. It can be incredibly relaxing, especially if you’re coloring a picture of something that makes you happy. Like your favorite dog!

For adults, you can choose from a coloring book with mandala patterns meant to relieve stress or a coloring book that’s perfect for relieving stress with its beautiful designs.

When it comes to kids, you can pick out a cute golden retriever coloring book that features their favorite pups. They even have a Halloween version!


Golden retrievers wear their hearts on the outside, giving love to their humans without a second thought. So, it only makes sense that anyone who owns one would want to wear their love for their dog where everyone can see it. Right?

6. Golden Retriever Shirts

Shirts are the number one gift you could possibly get any golden retriever lover, you know. Everyone loves a good graphic tee that tells the world exactly how they feel. Why not let the world know how much they love their dog?

This Life is Golden shirt speaks volumes about how wonderful it is to own one of these wonderful dogs. And this Stay Golden t-shirt really gets the message across that everything is better when you have a little gold in your life.

On top of those, you can find designs limited only by the imaginations of golden lovers themselves, and they have some big imaginations.

Check out these other fun options as well:

7. Golden Retriever Socks

Life just wouldn’t be the same without crazy socks. Even if you can’t see them, you’ll know they’re there, which makes everything more fun! And if there’s one thing golden retrievers and their owners enjoy – it’s fun.

Any pair of socks featuring golden retrievers is sure to tickle your friend’s fancy, so don’t worry about going on a three-week search for the perfect pair.

They are sure to love one of these:

8. Golden Retriever Tie

If you don’t have your golden retriever embroidered on your tie, can you really call yourself a golden retriever lover? Make sure your friend has decked out with this beautiful kennel club golden retriever necktie.

Not only will they look fantastic, but they’re sure to impress all their colleagues with their fancy new gift at the next meeting.

9. Golden Retriever Necklace

Jewelry is a wonderful gift. It’s even better when it features something the person loves more than anything else. If that just happens to be their golden retriever, you can’t go wrong with this choice.

You can find many lovely options for this one. This golden retriever necklace features a small heart cut out to emphasize the aspect of love surrounding it. And for something with more color, this necklace has a different look with all the same golden retriever cuteness.

10. Golden Retriever Onesie

Golden retrievers are great with kids. For the retriever lover in your life who is expecting, you can grab them one of these adorable onesies for their new addition. You have to make sure they’re passing that love on early!

With so many color options, this loved by a golden retriever onesie is bound to make any soon-to-be parent happy with your choice of present. You can also go for one of these sweet sibling onesies depending on if their golden retriever is a boy or a girl.

11. Golden Retriever Umbrella

Taking a dog for a walk in the rain is no fun at all. They get soaking wet and end up shaking water all over you and your house once you go inside. But golden retrievers need to be walked. How else will they get out all that energy?

That’s where this handy golden retriever umbrella comes in. It can keep both owner and dog at least partially dry during their walk. It really depends on how much energy they’re dealing with that day.

12. Golden Retriever Tote Bag

When you go to the dog park, you need something to carry all the essentials in. We’re mostly talking about tennis balls here, but there’s bound to be other things you’ll need.

A good old-fashioned tote bag with the happy face of a golden retriever on the front is perfect for anyone who loves them. They’ll be able to carry all their things without sacrificing style.

Useful Items

These gifts are the perfect thing to consider when you know a golden retriever lover that also loves the practical things in life. They serve more than one purpose by displaying their adoration for their dog while helping them out with little things around the house.

13. Golden Retriever Mugs

Mugs are essential for everyday life. Anyone who loves golden retrievers probably also loves caffeine. Coffee is so much more enjoyable when you get to drink it from a mug with your best friend’s face on it.

This golden retriever mom mug is an absolute must for the lady in your life that can’t get enough of her coffee or her dog. There’s also this sweet illustrated happy golden mug that is sure to make anyone who sees it smile.

For something a little more comical, you should consider this novelty 3D golden retriever mug that literally stares back at you while you drink.

14. Golden Retriever Wine Glasses

Sometimes life requires a stronger drink than coffee. For those nights when you need the love of your golden retriever and something to take the edge off, these wine glasses will do the trick.

Get your wine-loving friends a beautiful etched wine glass featuring their favorite breed. Or opt for a stemless wine glass instead with a lovely silhouette that shows their love clear as day. They are sure to have an easier time relaxing when they are reminded of their beloved dog.

15. Golden Retriever Key Ring

Losing your keys is the worst thing that can happen in the morning. You spend forever looking for them, only to find them in the last place you look. Every. Single. Time. While a dog can’t necessarily help you locate your keys, they can at least make them a lot cuter.

Any golden retriever lover is bound to be happy with a golden retriever key ring to add to the collection. And if they’re more of a lanyard person, we have them covered too!

16. Golden Retriever Keepsake Box

For the more sentimental golden retriever lovers, this beautiful hand-sculpted keepsake box is the perfect gift. They will have the perfect place to keep photos of their four-legged friend, along with anything else they deem special enough.

It also has “truly a friend” written on the inside. How sweet is that?

17. Golden Retriever Cookie Cutters

Do you have a friend that loves golden retrievers and loves to bake? You might just get some free treats out of the deal if you get them one of these golden retriever cookie cutters.

You can also make it a set by including a cookie cutter of a golden retriever’s head and one of a golden retriever sitting like the good dogs they are.

18. Golden Retriever Apron

Make sure they stay nice and clean while baking you those cookies. Grab them a golden retriever apron to wear around the kitchen while they’re cooking up a storm.

You can pick up this adorable apron with a golden retriever puppy on the front, or go for a more refined look with this simple golden retriever silhouette apron.

19. Golden Retriever Cookie Jar

Now they’re going to need somewhere to put all those delicious cookies. Or, more likely, all those dog treats. Either way, a cookie jar is a perfect gift to send your golden retriever loving pal.

There’s this classic cookie jar with the face of a golden retriever plastered on the front. Or you can go for this playful golden retriever shaped cookie jar with a removable behind.


There is hardly a better way for any lover of golden retrievers to prove their love than by decorating their house with them. It’s kind of amazing how many golden retrievers themed things you can stumble across when you have the time to look.

20. Golden Retriever Decals

You can’t go wrong with a good decal for the back window of your car. No matter where you go, everyone will know you love your golden retriever. And there are so many fun options to consider!

Here are just a few of the wonderful decals you can find for sale:

21. Golden Retriever Magnets

Magnets aren’t just great décor; they also serve the purpose of sticking things up on your fridge. Like pictures of a golden retriever! Imagine how much happiness you could bring to your friend’s life by gifting them a magnet of their favorite dog breed that they’ll see every single day.

This magnet perfectly outlines the property laws for any golden retriever that lives in the house. Everyone must follow them.

For a sweeter, childlike touch, you can buy one of these scribbled in magnets proclaiming “I love my golden retriever” in either blue or pink.

There’s even this fun dishwasher magnet that lets everyone in the house know whether the dishes inside are dirty or clean, all while featuring the best breed out there.

22. Golden Retriever Ornaments

Not only are the holidays the best time of the year, but they are also the perfect time for giving gifts to anyone in your life you love. If one of those people happens to be a golden retriever lover, consider getting them an ornament to mark the occasion!

You can go with this golden retriever with antlers ornament for that perfect holiday touch. Or go for something more traditional like this blown glass golden retriever ornament.

23. Golden Retriever Statue

Statues are the perfect way to immortalize anyone’s love for their golden retriever. They can stand in your garden to watch loyally over your flowers or hang out in the living room as a special addition to any design scheme.

Your golden retriever loving pals are sure to fawn over this realistic sitting golden retriever statue. And this swinging golden retriever puppy is an adorable piece to brighten up any home.

24. Decorative Signs

Perfect for any bookshelf or mantle, a nice rustic sign is a great piece to gift any golden retriever lover. They can sit or hang these beauties wherever they wish to let everyone who enters their home know they aren’t indifferent about dog breeds.

These signs have the best sentiments:

25. Golden Retriever Door Mat

You can’t get more welcoming than a sweet golden retriever smiling up at you. The golden retriever lover in your life is sure to be ecstatic about the idea of putting this welcome mat outside their door for everyone to see.

26. Golden Retriever Bedding

Okay… this one is kind of a joke. But if you know someone that would really enjoy sleeping surrounded by the smiling faces of happy golden retrievers, more power to them. They will absolutely love this golden retriever bedding that keeps them wrapped in that warmth all night long.

27. Golden Retriever Throw Blanket

On a more serious note, a throw blanket is great to have around the house for those chilly nights when you’re watching tv. How can a throw blanket be more charming than if it shows one of the most intelligent dog breeds out there?

Any golden retriever lover would love to cuddle up with this fleece golden retriever throw blanket or this woven tapestry style throw blanket. Either way, they’re sure to stay nice and warm curled up underneath them.

28. Golden Retriever Throw Pillow

While you’re at it, you might as well get them a throw pillow to go along with their blanket. Nothing could possibly make a cozier pillow than the image of a golden retriever smiling up at you.

This linen throw pillow cover with a painted golden retriever on it brings a pop of color to any living room or bedroom. Even more fun is a throw pillow shaped like a golden retriever.

You can also find throw pillows that echo the thoughts of any golden retriever lover. This pillow proudly states that “it’s not dog hair, it’s golden glitter” while this one reminds you that this seat is reserved for the golden retriever.

29. Golden Retriever Shower Curtain

Yet another novelty gift that may or may not please the golden retriever lover, you know. It depends on just how much they love golden retrievers and how serious they are about their interior design.

If you just can’t help yourself, we’re just going to leave this shower curtain featuring a golden retriever standing on the beach right here. You know… just in case.

Personalized Gifts

If getting a golden retriever lover a gift with a golden retriever on it just isn’t personal enough for your taste, this section is for you. These gifts are off the sentimental scale. They combine their favorite dog breed with something personal about them. What could be better?

30. Personalized T-Shirt

This golden retriever shirt has a space to put the name of any dog you want. It should probably be the name of your friend’s golden retriever, though. That would make the most sense.

31. Personalized Ornament

Get your dog-loving friend an ornament to commemorate their special dog forever. This golden retriever ornament features their dog’s name written across a giant bone, which is any dog’s dream.

32. Personalized Necklace

On this golden retriever necklace, you have the option of getting a name, date, or even a short phrase engraved. It would make the perfect keepsake for anyone that loves their golden retriever enough to carry a little bit of them around all the time.

33. Personalized Door Mat

Anyone you’d buy this for is sure to be happy to let anyone who steps up to their door know about their golden retriever. Add the name of their furry friend onto this doormat so that everyone is aware that they are the most spoiled pup on the block.

34. Personalized Decal

Give your friend the joy of showing off their favorite dog on the back of their car by personalizing a golden retriever decal for them. They can brag about their pet in the same way everyone else brags about their kids and be happier for it.


If knowledge is power, then it must be a great gift to give as well!

These books are a fantastic gift to give kids or adults who want to learn more about their most favorite breed. They are also a wonderful resource for anyone who is new to owning a golden retriever to make sure they know all the ins and outs about caring for them.

Don’t worry. We’re sure there are still people out there that like to get books as presents.

35. Your Golden Retriever Puppy Month by Month

This book comes highly recommended by golden retriever enthusiasts all over. It’s a comprehensive guide to the stages of a golden retriever’s life from the very beginning.

It even says right on the front that it’s “everything you need to know at each stage to ensure your cute and playful puppy grows into a happy, healthy companion.” You can’t complain about a promise like that.

36. The Complete Guide to Golden Retrievers

Claiming to have absolutely everything any golden retriever owner could hope to know about the breed, this book is a great resource to gift to any retriever lover.

Not only does it cover how to raise and train your golden retriever, but it also helps you out with finding the perfect one for you. There’s also a section on loving your golden retriever, but your friend probably has that covered.

37. Golden Retrievers for Dummies

Come on. You know you can’t resist this one. These books are a great way to learn everything about a specific topic in a much easier to read format. Golden Retrievers for Dummies is a fun novelty gift, as well as an informative one.

38. Golden Retriever Handbook

Part of the pet handbooks series, this book is packed full of helpful information for any golden retriever owner. It will let them in on ways to train, feed, and groom their dog with specifics relating to golden retrievers.

Kids’ Story Books

For the younger golden retriever lover, you know, a good story makes for a perfect gift. These fun, colorful books featuring their favorite dog breed are sure to be a big win for you.

39. My Big Dog

Told from the family cat’s point of view, My Big Dog tells of how a new golden retriever puppy can bring a lot of change to a family in the best way.

40. Life is Golden

This book tells the story of a golden retriever that wants nothing more in life than a family. When she finally gains one, the family also gains a lifelong friend to love.

41. Maggie’s Nose Knows

Perfect for younger kids, Maggie’s Nose Knows a pop-up adventure with some touch-and-feel features that encourage kids to get involved with the story along the way.

42. A Golden Adventure – The Hunt for the Missing Rainbow

Learn about colors and nature with this book that follows two golden retrievers named Goldie and Sunni on their hunt to find where their missing rainbow has gone!

43. Biscuit Storybook Collection

Biscuit is a small yellow dog that goes on big adventures! This storybook collection features ten Biscuit stories to delight any child and keep them engaged for hours on end.

44. Ranger in Time

The Ranger in Time series is about a golden retriever that travels through time to help people out and have lots of fun adventures. The first book entitled Rescue on the Oregon Trail is sure to get young readers hooked. They may even learn some history lessons along the way!

Golden Retriever Gift Palooza

There you have it!

After reading through all those options, how could you still be wondering what to get the golden retriever lover in your life? There are things to buy for every holiday and birthday for the rest of their lives.

We hope your friend, significant other, child, or coworker loves whatever you hope to get them. And if you were browsing for a little something for yourself – please enjoy! Life is always better with some gold sprinkled over it.

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