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Do Golden Retrievers Protect Their Owners

Do Golden Retrievers Protect Their Owners?

Golden Retrievers are one of if not the most loyal dog known to be. but can they be trusted to protect you? Do Golden Retrievers protect their owners? Golden Retrievers can protect their owners with training but won’t usually attack another human. Golden Retrievers have been bred to be kind […]

Does My Golden Retriever Know I'm Pregnant

Does My Golden Retriever Know I’m Pregnant?

Anyone who’s a dog owner probably knows that dogs are very perceptive. They’re great at reading human behavior and body language and have a sense of smell that trumps ours by a lot. These unique skills and abilities aren’t lost on golden retrievers. Does my golden retriever know I’m pregnant? […]

Does My Golden Retriever Need a Companion?

Golden Retrievers are one of the most popular dog breeds – known to be service animals, working animals, and sometimes even TV and movie stars. Regarded as intelligent, social, adaptable, and playful–golden retrievers are one of a kind dog breed. However, when it comes to goldens, their high energy and […]

Can Golden Retrievers Tolerate Cold Weather?

The golden retriever is a large breed that we may think can tolerate cold weather easily. This assumption comes from their body shape which generally looks more likely to suit the cold weather. But these are not the final words. These are a few factors that need to be focused […]

At What Age Do Golden Retrievers Get Their Feathers?

Golden retrievers are beautiful, active dogs. Before they can become active, though, they need to grow their adult coats. The first sign of this adult coat starting to come in is when gold retrievers get their feathers. Knowing when your dog is going to get their feathers may help give […]