Do Golden Retrievers Shed All Year Round?

Everybody knows that one of the hardest parts of taking care of dogs is the cleanup due to constant shedding.  One of the most dogs most infamous for shedding is golden retrievers. If not taken care of properly, they can leave your house in a hairy state of affairs.

Do golden retrievers shed all year round? Yes, golden retrievers do indeed shed all year, and there are two times in particular when you can expect a lot: fall and spring.

Golden retrievers have to be brushed every day, and you must make use of an undercoat rake to significantly improve the shedding situation.

Brushing them every day also keeps them from matting. No matter how much you brush, they will still shed. But there are ways to help manage the flying fluff.

goal of this undercoat is to keep the dog nice and warm while they’re in cooler weather.

How Often Do Golden Retrievers Shed?

All mammals will shed their hair at some point. These hairs can only last for so long. They will be jettisoned when they wear out. Humans generally shed at a consistent rate while other mammals shed very heavily in certain seasons or times of the year.

Golden retrievers will shed more heavily in the fall and spring, these are the most important time to follow proper procedure for minimizing this shedding and keeping your house as clean as possible.

How Much Do Golden Retrievers Shed?

There isn’t really a good way to quantify the amount of shedding these dogs produce, but out of all the dog breeds they are definitely one of the heaviest shedders.

Think about it like this: your golden will shed enough fur to leave a constant dusting on your furniture and floors. This will span your entire house in the fall and spring, rolling into clumps under your sofas and hiding in corners of your rooms.

When you first give your dog a focused brushing, you will be amazed at how much hair actually comes off. But the more hair you can thin out through brushing, the less you’ll find floating around your house.

Keep in mind that the length of golden retriever’s hair makes it seem like they shed a lot more than they actually do, and it is also harder to clean for this reason.

It is very common for long hairs to get stuck in the fibers of your carpet and upholstery. This will clog up your vacuums and form tumbleweed-like objects that travel through your house.

Why Does a Golden Retriever Shed So Much?

Golden retrievers are great choices for families because they are loyal, friendly, and smart. You will also notice that they almost always have the most beautiful coats.

The outer coat of these retrievers is waterproof and comprised of long and medium hair that is meant to guard the dog against the elements.

Occasionally goldens will have wavy hair; others are mainly clad in straight hair. This outer coat of goldens show “feathering” on the tail and legs. This outer coat is shed year-round, but very lightly.

The thick, dense undercoat, on the other hand, is shed profusely twice a year. It is extremely soft and very heavy.

This super-fluff builds in colder months to help keep your golden retriever warm. And that’s where the bulk of the shedding comes from.

There’s nothing you can do to stop it. Sunlight and daylight are natural triggers that tell your dog’s body it’s time to lose some hair!

Managing Your Golden Retriever’s Shedding

Since there is no way to completely prevent their shedding, the only thing you can do is limit the shedding and keep it contained.

Frequently Brush Your Dog

The best way to control the amount of shedding in random spots around the house is to brush the dog at least once a week. Collect all the hair that is removed and place it in a trash can so you can get rid of it as soon as possible.

In addition, dogs love the extra attention they get when they are being brushed. The stimulation they get from being brushed makes them very happy, and you will see them get excited when you reach for the hairbrush.

Brushing is good for your pup’s health, too. During these times, you will be able to look at the skin and coat of your dog so you can spot any ticks, wounds, abrasions, or any other red flags that warrant attention.

By brushing your golden often enough, you will effectively eliminate tangles and mats, which will tremendously help keep their coat looking good.

Regularly Bathe Your Dog

Aside from brushing, bathing is a great method for removing the hair that is ready to be shed in a nice and controlled way. Many goldens will like getting baths, and this technique is very good for hair-management.

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t bathe your dog too frequently because this will inevitably lead to skin and coat problems. Moderation is the best policy.

Tips for Bathing Your Golden

  • When you give your dog a bath it will remove hair follicles that are nearly ready to be shed as well as those that are already shed and still clinging to the coat.
  • Be sure to massage your dog while bathing them, not only do they enjoy this, it will help loosen hair that is ready to be shed as well as free hairs that are trapped in the thick coat.

Once the bath is over, you will surely have a ton of hair in your water. Disposing of it can be tricky – you don’t want it all to go down the drain. It’s a good idea to use a strainer or drain guard in your bath drain to avoid clogs.

Bonus: If you’re washing your dog outside then you can just dump everything on the ground. Birds will actually use this fur to help build their nests, which is a win-win relationship.

Feed Your Golden High-Quality Food

Obviously, every dog should be fed with healthy and nutritious food, but did you ever wonder what this does for their skin and coat? With the proper diet, your dog will have a very healthy coat and skin, which helps limit the shedding.

With poor diets, you will find that dogs tend to shed much more than they should. Make sure that especially consider foods that have lots of omega-3 fatty acids and other foods that reduce inflammation and enhance skin and coat health.

You can even give your dog some omega-3 fatty acid supplements. These aids come in several different forms, such as liquid or tablets, so that you can implement them into your dog’s diet with little trouble.

Reduce Your Golden’s Stress Levels

Research has shown that when dogs experience more stress or anxiety, they tend to start shedding more.

To reduce the stress levels of your dog, make sure that you give them lots of chances to exercise, give them lots of love and attention as well as toys for when you aren’t around. Toys also help your dog practice their chewing instincts so that they don’t destroy furniture.

Many times, it’s a good idea to give your dog an isolated crate that they feel safe in. They can retreat to this area when they are worried or stressed. All of these techniques will help lower your dog’s stress, which also reduces its overall shedding.

The Takeaway

There are many methods to keeping your golden retriever’s shedding as low as possible. If you have trouble remembering all these techniques it all comes down to keeping your dog healthy and happy.

Give them a bath and brush regularly while keeping the fed with the proper diet and give them lots of positive attention to reduce their stress, and you will have a beautiful dog that doesn’t leave your house a dusty mess.

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