How to Pet a Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers are one of the most loyal and friendly dogs. I loved playing with my sister’s dog whenever she was around. He was the most lovable dog and was easy to pet as well.

How to Pet a Golden Retriever:

  • Step 1: Slowly approach the dog in a calm manner.
  • Step 2: Lift your hand to a height just above its head.
  • Step 3: If it begins to growl, back away from it slowly, and try again.
  • Step 4: If it does not growl, proceed to walk toward it and let it sniff your hand.
  • Step 5: After it has sniffed your hand, you may be able to pet its head.
  • Step 6: Friendlier dogs will let you pet it down its back as well.

Keep in mind, even though Golden Retrievers are friendlier breed, you still need to be careful around any new dog.

A Golden Retriever Friend

Golden Retrievers have been known to be some of the friendliest and calmest dogs to have. They are easy to get along with, and they can be quite playful as well.

However, these steps should be adhered to by everyone approaching not only a Golden Retriever but any new dog they encounter.

If you are meeting a new dog for the first time, then there are some things that you’ll need to consider before petting it. To start, who does the belong too? This is the major thing that you’ll need to do before considering petting a new dog.

If the dog belongs to someone, ask that person before you pet their dog. Some people do not want others touching their dogs for a few reasons. You may be a stranger the dog isn’t familiar with, and that person doesn’t trust you enough.

The dog may still be training for one of their first times, and their owner may not think they are ready for other human interaction yet.

If the dog you are approaching is a stray dog, be very careful if you are going to pet it. First, check if it has a collar on its neck.

Dogs who have snuck away from their owners are more likely to be more docile than stray dogs. Stray dogs may be wilder or carry diseases.

Step 1

When petting a dog for the first time, you need to establish that you mean the dog no harm. If the dog feels threatened, it may try to run or may try to attack you.

By walking slowly towards the dog you make it think that you are trying to be friendly and that you have no intention of harming it or owner that it may be with.

Step 2

By reaching your hand out to it, you show intent to pet it. By holding your hand over its head, you show directly that you are trying to pet it.

If you hold your hand to the level of its nose, you may indicate to the dog that you are trying to give it a treat. Continue to approach it slowly has your reach to touch its head.

Step 3

If the dog starts to growl at you, that means that it thinks that you are trying to threaten it. By doing this, you may have possibly angered it. Slowly start stepping away from the dog and pull your hand back to your side.

If it is a dog that has an owner, look to the owner for further instructions on how to pet the dog. Some dogs can be different from others and need more encouragement or discipline before they can be pet.

If it’s a stray dog, slowly step away from it and pull your hand back towards your side. Stray dogs are much more tricky than domestic dogs are.

In most cases for stray dogs, they will feel harmed and either run or try to attack you. Do your best to stay calm and keep your distance from the dog. When you are safe, call an animal shelter to pick up the dog for everyone’s safety.

Step 4

If the dog does not growl at you, place your hand over its head and allow it to sniff you. By doing this, you show that the dog can trust you and that you can trust the dog too. After the dog sniffs you it may lick you.

Don’t worry, even though you may think it may best nasty and slimy, a dog’s tongue is actually quite clean. They sweat through their mouths instead of their skin.

Step 5

Now that the dog has shown that it trusts you, you may pet its head. As mentioned before, all dogs are different in what places they like to be pet. Golden Retrievers are generally okay with them being pet anywhere.

Step 6

Now that the dog knows that you are friendly and are a safe person to be around, you may try to pet it down it’s back. Do not try to do it quickly. Pet it calmly until you know how friendly and playful it may be.

If the dog belongs to an owner, you should ask them where the dog does and doesn’t like to be pet. Even though the dog trusts you, it may snap at you if you pet them in an area that they don’t like.

If it is a stray dog, keep in mind that it may have some diseases or may be dirty. When doing this, you should be very careful. As I said before, stray dogs can be very tricky.

They may like you one second then the next they may be trying to bite you. Always be cautious around any stray animal.

Are Golden Retrievers Aggressive?

Golden Retrievers aren’t normally aggressive. The only reason one would be is due to a traumatic experience in its past. Like humans, traumatized animals are very hard to get to be trusting again.

Though Golden Retrievers are the easiest and trusting dogs, one that has been traumatized due to a previous owner will take some time in rehabilitating.

This is normal in dogs, and Golden Retrievers found at pounds and rehabilitation programs. If you do end up adopting or fostering a dog like this, you’ll need to be extra patient with them.

Dogs that have had this happen to them may take months or years to come around to trusting humans again. Some that od will only trust one human and not others ever again.

Female Golden Retrievers who act like this will be very protective of anything that it thinks belongs to them. This includes humans that they may have come attached too.

Mal Golden Retrievers will typically be more dominant and quicker to provoke. They normally will try and be an alpha dog and take everything to be theirs, and attack anything or anyone who harms that.

Playing with them

Golden Retrievers are very energetic dogs. They can be easily excited, and they like to play with other dogs. They get along well with other breeds such as Beagles, Poodles, Collies, Pugs, Pekingese, and most terrier breeds.

They usually won’t have a problem with other dogs. If the other dogs are trained well and the Golden Retriever is trained well, then they will have no problem playing with each other.

If they are different sexes, then they can become extra playful with each other. If there is a female dog and two other male dogs, the male dogs may fight with each other over the female if not trained.

If you are planning on getting a Golden Retriever, then it is a good idea. They are an easy first dog to have and are very easy to train. Consider getting one if you have small children or are wanting a new cuddly pet to have.

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