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Health and Care

How to Bathe a Golden Retriever

From looking at puppies to adopting a dog, there is quite a bit involved in dog ownership before you even invite them into your home, your life and your heart. If you think preparing for a dog is a lot of work, wait until they are living with you. Like […]

Breed Information

Are Golden Retrievers Good in Apartments?

Golden retrievers are one of the most popular dog breeds out there. Goldens are gorgeous, friendly, and lovable. However, they are also known for their high-energy dispositions and larger sizes. How well can golden retrievers really do without a yard to run around in? Can you keep one happy and […]

Buyer's Guide

18 Best Golden Retriever Accessories

Golden retrievers are known as delightful, beautiful, reliable, friendly dogs. They rank fifth as one of the most popular breeds worldwide. Their signature long shiny coats add a majestic flair to their powerful, smooth movements, and there is no mistaking their unique features. As a pet owner, you know that […]

Health and Care

How to Fly with a Golden Retriever?

Airline restrictions are changing all the time, especially when traveling with a pet. Typically, large breeds such as the golden retriever, have a more difficult time getting on a plane than smaller dogs. This can make traveling even more stressful and pricey. You aren’t without options though. How can I […]

Dog Food

How Much To Feed A Golden Retriever

The health of golden retrievers, like all pets, is often determined by their owners’ choices, especially when it comes to how much to feed them. Golden retrievers are characteristically an active breed of dogs, and they generally have big appetites. They are also known for their loving and loyal natures, […]


What’s The Golden Retriever Egg Challenge?

Golden retrievers are a large gun dog breed that is known for being good hunting dogs, guides for the blind, and useful for search-and-rescue situations. The term, “retriever” comes from their ability to retrieve shot game such as ducks and other game birds without damages due to their soft mouth. […]