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Are Golden Retrievers Easy to Potty Train?

If you are considering adding a golden retriever to your family and are interested in learning how to handle accidents and potty train your new pet, I have good news. Are golden retrievers easy to potty train? Yes, they are easy to potty train. Golden retrievers are sensitive, intelligent dogs that […]

Health and Care

The Pros and Cons of Neutering a Golden Retriever

That adorable golden retriever puppy bounding across the backyard has already stolen the family’s hearts. You promised yourself you would give him the best care possible and would do all the right things, including neutering him. After all, that’s what veterinarians, the ASPCA, celebrities, and the lady you bought him […]

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When Do Golden Retrievers Stop Teething?

Golden retriever puppies are energetic, smart, playful dogs. They are great dogs for families and can make a great companion. All puppies go through a teething phase. It’s essential to learn about all phases puppies go through so you can train and teach them how to behave. When Do Golden […]